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Ozone Sanitization

Ozone is an unstable gas made up of 3 oxygen atoms(O3). Being an unstable gas, ozone needs to be produced on the spot by means of specific generators which submit the oxygen contained in the air to effluvium electric disharges(corona effect) or UV rays. After about 30 minutes from the time of production, it goes back to its natural state which is Oxygen

As a disinfectant, ozone finds applications in different fields such as hospitals, boats , households and industries by attacking, oxidising and eradicating .micro-organisms such as bacteria, molds, mites, spores and viruses Since ozone is an oxidant, it is dangerous for people if it exceeds in its concentration, that is why during the treatment the area is closed off and before using it again our technicians with suitable DPIs are going to monitor the level of the Ozone concentration is within the safety limits

Ozone, with its oxidising power enables us to achieve a thorough sanitization eradicating microbial agents up to 98% and bad odours without releasing chemical residue or any other trace in the air hence leaving the environmental conditions unchanged. Besides, it can also reach out to those areas which are hard to reach and where health hazards agents might linger and proliferate. See the results of our treatments